SWAPS 2019

SWAPS conference 2019 was attended by nearly 200 delegates. The full programme can be downloaded here. SWAPS 2019 – Programme

The topics discussed were: 

  • Monitoring fetal and postnatal growth of term and preterm infants – A paradigm change – Professor Jose Villar
  • Supporting women after still birth ā€“ A global perspective and innovative interventions to improve outcomes – Professor Tina Lavender 
  • Optimal management of neonatal hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia – Professor Khalid Hussain
  • Ground breaking advances in fetal surgery and spina bifida outcomes – Professor Jan Deprest
  • Increasing Caesarean Section rate in the 21st century ā€“ much ado about nothing or to be concerned? Dr. Michael Robson
  • Enabling ability ā€“a family story of belief and achievement – Mrs. Andrea Duckworth and family
  • Recent advances in management of perinatal hepatitis – Dr. Jean Matthes 
  • Perinatal Stroke-implication for clinical and medicolegal practice for maternity and neonatal services – Professor Frances Cowan
  • Surgical management of neonatal bowel disorders – evidenced based approach – Mr. Prabhu Sekharan
  • Update on management of obstetric trauma  Mr. Robert Freeman